Experiencing Internship at Trails

The Internship Grand Duty at Trails has always been a much anticipated event.  The interns who rotated for that year at Trails would all go back together to celebrate a year full of learning.

The Grand Duty Night will always be filled with memorable moments. The interns would bring lots of food for everyone.  There were usually pizza, pasta, fried chicken, pork barbecue and pichi-pichi for dessert.  The interns would also break themselves into groups for entertainment.  Some groups would perform the latest dance moves. Some groups would sing and play their favorite musical instruments.  They can be very creative.  After entertaining everyone, the interns thoughtfully give awards to our teachers.  The awards are personal and unique.   

This year is different.  With the whole country on lockdown and everyone is at home, it didn’t stop this year’s batch from expressing what is in their hearts.  Watch the video they prepared for Trails.  To the SLP Interns batch 2019 to 2020, thank you for your kind words.  May you serve with compassion, integrity and love.

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