Small-Group Classes

Social Thinking Classes

Social Thinking Class I is a weekly 2-hour session primarily designed for pre-school to early elementary children (4-7 years old). Activities are adapted from the We Thinkers Vol. 1 (formerly Incredible Flexible You) program by Michelle Garcia Winner.  It utilizes stories, music, structured activities and dramatic play to teach social learning.  In addition, the class also addresses work behaviors in a group setting such as compliance, independence, and self-regulation as well as conversing and relating with peers.

Social Skills Classes

Social Summer Camp targets to engage children, ages 6-7, to interact and explore hands-on tasks that would facilitate self-expression and relation with peers. This class will also target various concepts and skills necessary for working together, socialization and interaction. Arts and crafts, fun-filled games, self- care activities await these amazing kids.

Toddlers Playdate

This class provides opportunities for children aged 2 to 4 years old to engage in play with their same-aged peers. Different play activities provided will facilitate appropriate play skills and interaction, such as sharing and working together.

Language Class

Children, ages 4 to 6, will surely have a learning-filled and enjoyable summer through different activities included in this program. Vocabulary learning, answering simple questions, following instructions and simple concept integration skills will be targeted through delightful activities such as play, arts and crafts, games, and book sharing.  Interaction with peers and teachers will also be worked on for this program.
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