Trails family accepted me despite of my lack of experience, walked with me through my first pedia therapy sessions, gave a pat on my back after my first session with a very cranky and crying child, showed a thumbs up when my kid experienced his first independent walking, let me go when I wanted to try a new field of work and then welcomed me back with no questions ask.

Trails is a place to grow, a place to make dreams turn into reality and a place to go to rest and just be you. Most of us had been with Trails through a lot of seasons in life but stayed strong and resilient. I do believe it is something that all of us have in our DNA. It might be there from the beginning thus we were drawn here or it maybe an acquired trait due to proximity with people with the same values. Whatever it may be, Trails is what it is because our head (family) or should I say roots (tree), are a couple who also stayed strong through trials and triumphs in life.

Cozy and homey, where everyone gets to be who they want to be: kids, parents, and teachers. Trails’ environment also nurtures friendship among us, there are no ‘seniors’ or ‘juniors’ only colleagues, roomies and buddies. I’ve started and grown with Trails, I may have to leave one day, but my heart, soul and gratitude will always be with it.

I remembered saying yes to a survey asking if the interns were willing to have a two-month rotation in Laguna. It was one of the best decisions I have ever done. Even during internship, Trails taught us that creating a bond is better than earning, loving what you do makes your work love you back. Trails has shown me that colleagues can be friends and that friendship can be taken higher to being a family. As my 2-month rotation ended, I promised that I’d be back at Trails. And indeed, I was blessed to be given the chance to be a part of this embracing family 12 months after.

Lectures and learnings from the different clinical supervisors were the biggest treasures I got from TRAILS. I found it true that the most toxic rotation would most likely be the most favorite one and the most cherished.

As of today, TRAILS is my gold standard for pediatric OT intervention and management. It was beyond my expectations. It gave me remarkable experiences that I wished every OT intern would experience. Words will never be enough to thank TRAILS and the people behind its success. I may not be able to thank each of the clinical supervisors, staff and patients but with every achievement I will have in life, they will always be a big part of it.