Special Education Intervention

At Trails, special educators assess child’s academic skills and develop intervention programs based on his academic strengths and difficulties as well as his parents’ goal. We provide individual management based on a comprehensive assessment. Specific supportive teaching and simplified learning strategies are given so that topics/lessons would be easily understood. We give the child strategies on how to answer his homework by processing him on how to answer instead of just giving the answer. Materials used are developmentally appropriate to facilitate learning. We also provide children some pre-voc activities such as food preparation.

We see children who exhibit:

  • Difficulties in decoding and reading comprehension
  • Dyscalculia or difficulties in understanding and retaining rules, formula, order of calculations, and basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts
  • Learning difficulties or difficulties in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension; limited vocabulary and communication skills; and difficulties applying skills to different situations
  • ADHD/ADD. These children are easily distracted, forgetful, disorganized and exhibit poor attention to details.
  • ASD. These children may have good memory and retention of facts but exhibit difficulties in understanding abstract concepts; they may exhibit good blending and decoding of words but exhibit difficulties in comprehension.
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