Through the guidance of the exceptionally skillful, innovative, and caring team of Trails, our son has shown remarkable improvement in his social and communication skills.

From a very timid and extremely shy boy with a barely audible voice, he has bloomed to a friendly and fun-loving kid; now always eager to perform on stage during school programs or events.

His reading and language sessions in Trails have greatly helped him perform better in school.

Going to Trails weekly has always been a much-anticipated activity for him. He looks forward to seeing and interacting with his teachers and classmates every time.

With all the progress he’s made in Trails, we know that we have found the right place and people who will help him reach his fullest potential.

It’s still a long way to go for our son, but with the ever supportive teachers and staff of Trails behind him, our hopes and aspirations have never been higher.

Thank you Trails!

Daddy Joaquin, Dad of Carlo