Teletherapy gives us convenience and safety in this time of pandemic.   It connects us, parents, to the therapy room of our child thus, making us both learners.  Teletherapy serves as the actual implementation of what our child learned and absorbed during his therapy sessions prior to the pandemic. In our case, teletherapy continues to develop my child’s adaptive skills particularly home skills. He enjoys to learn cooking, housekeeping, helping in doing laundry and maintaining his living space with minimal supervision from us. He appreciates that learning is fun at home.  To date, we consider teletherapy as our much awaited weekly activity.  We prepare his home works together and make sure that we are present and attentive in every session. We are grateful to Teacher Weng for her guidance and for addressing our issues and concerns.  We are looking forward for more skills to be developed as we continue our new normal set-up.  Change is not easy but we will cope.

Mommy Sally, Mom of Neo