Trails Virtual System

If your child is attending early intervention, chances are the session notes you are getting are given in loose papers or stored in a notebook.  Session notes are written notes by therapists about the activities and observations happened during the session which are essential in tracking the progress of your child.  Loose papers can easily be misplaced and the notebook, well pray that it will not get lost because if it does, say goodbye to all the notes from day 1.  

At Trails, that’s all in the past.

Meet TRAVIS – Trails Virtual System

TRAVIS is a system that allows us to efficiently manage your child’s records with us.  From the student history form that you filled out, the programs your child attended, attendance to the sessions and most of all, the session notes from our teachers.  Inside TRAVIS, we created a module for Session Notes where our teachers work as the session progresses.  It helps them log their observations in a clear and orderly fashion.  Once the session is done, the Session Notes file is emailed to you in a pdf format.  The Session Notes file is designed to maximize readability for better appreciation on your child’s progress.  

The launching of TRAVIS marks the start of the many innovations that we are going to introduce using technology. At Trails, we are constantly looking for ways to serve you better.

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